Meet Lea Bosswood

In my heart I am an author, and in my head I am a journalist. But in both, I am a photographer. There are a few things I cannot describe with my heart or with my mind. Photos are the most powerful and eloquent stories one finger can immortalize in a single second.

I catch freedom and beauty in unknown, deserted, remote, and solitary places both in nature and cities. I take all photos with my analog Pentax ME Super & Minolta Dynax 500si 35mm Single-lens reflex camera and my digital Canon EOS 700d.

Photos and words are powerful. I see myself as a writer and writing is my first love. But sometimes, I create stories with my camera.

Photography is my second love after books. Not every moment needs to be described… a photo says everything you need to know.

Photographs are wordless stories.

Get in touch via Instagram so we can share our photos and support each other with traveling or photography tips. I am more than happy to meet you.

© Anne Grundig.  All images cannot be used without explicit permission.

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